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Find the Five: Carrie

Author’s Note:  In many ways, my birthday post to my lifelong friend Carrie was the genesis for the blog section I now call “Find the Five.”  And for those that don’t know, “the five” came from something my dad often reminded me of — we are truly blessed when we can count on one hand five people who will be there no matter what and who know us perhaps better than we know ourselves.  I imagine there is no real time or space that can make her less real a part of my life.  This post was not meant to be a celebration of her nor the post I would write if that were my intent. Read More

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A week away…

It has been over a week since I have posted, and the only reason I have to give is that I was busy.  But with three blog posts in the hopper and a bunch of projects underway, I can’t feel bad about that.  Sometimes you just have to say things on your own time and for your own reasons.

It is one week until my 36th birthday.  And one week until my first birthday since my father has died.  It hasn’t even been six months.

I don’t know how other people deal with this particular moment in their lifetimes.  I don’t know many as “young” as me that have had to.  Perhaps only my friends Suzanne and Josh will relate — and for them, they lost parents far earlier than I did — Suzanne, in elementary school (when I thought she would be my wife) and Josh, in high school.

For me, this “moment of truth” has been a great blessing because it has taught me to really think about who I am and what I stand for.  And it has been a curse, because it also becomes the Mack Truck that bears down on me uncontrollably when I wish it would just go away.

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What the hell is this? It’s a dedication to two incredibly wonderful women who love me conconditionally.

I’ve gotten a few questions since I started posting here, most of which can be summarized as “what the hell is sticky note?”  I cannot tell you what this thing I’m doing will become, but I can try and give some context… Read More