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Don’t drink and drone!

I had no idea this many people I know watch the news at this time in the morning — but for future reference, if you see me on TV, there’s no need to text me immediately.

This feels like my birthday.

Here’s the raw footage — somewhat edited.  My hair doesn’t look a mess in this version.




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I may have finally figured it out…

I am most proud of this video because I think it shows progress.  Being videographer, editor, producer, and director all at once is really hard.  This was shot between 6-7:30A today, October 21st.

I hope you enjoy — the last few moments of this video are worth all the crap you have to sit through before that, in my opinion.

And I met another really cool person.


A call to action: Go back to your future and thank your teachers!

In just a few hours, my best friend will be on TV doing his job as a technology reporter for King 5.  Given I’m on vacation today, we ended up going to the place he will shoot the segment — the Living Computer Museum which is funded by Paul Allen.  I didn’t know this place existed and neither of us were sure what we were in for.

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