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No more need to have a “case of the Mondays!”

“This is the only thing I look forward to when I wake up every morning.  It gives my life purpose.  It gives it meaning.  To live a life chasing after the only thing I’m passionate about, what better life is there to live.  This is who I am.” -Daniel “Cloud” Campos

Many of you will recognize Daniel “Cloud” Campos from any number of commercials, including the original Surface Movement commercials and those that would follow after.  I’ve been following him for some time before that and only tonight did I see this short film he made about “today being the day.”

For everyone on the verge of their next Monday, just a reminder that today could be the day.  Make it your day.

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Bobbins have been wound, seams have been ripped…

My first mobile post. Though ostensibly a home improvement project, there is a sticky about this…and am important one that reminds me to give thanks to the unsung. These are the people who do work we depend on yet often take for granted.

I have wound all my bobbins and now cutting begins. I’ve never reupholstered chairs before but I do think I’m a pretty good seamster. We shall see when all is said and done.

My thoughts exactly...

My thoughts exactly…


The making of StickyNote (aka “my giant D*** was made of gym shorts”)

I’ve spent a lot of time recently learning the ins and outs of photo and video editing.  HOLY SHIT!  It is hard.

That said, I thought I’d make a short video, hyperlapsed, of the 2+ hours I spent making my own shadow.

This is my first video editing.  You’re not allowed to make fun.