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Farewell to Crush

I am so incredibly proud of Jason and Nicole and the amazing things they have done with Crush, Miller’s Guild, and the many things I know will come next. I met some of my dearest friends in this restaurant and am blessed because of those friendships. But I’m most impressed about how Jason and Nicole humbly elevate the conversation and bring people together… Sustainability isn’t a topic, it’s a subtext, and it’s delicious. As they move on to new ventures, the democratization of healthful food that gives back to communities will be something that I will become champion for as well because I’m going to learn all about it now — because they are that type of people — that make you think differently. And I’m very thankful to know them. Cheers.Jasons
Circa a long time ago are these pictures….
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Bobbins have been wound, seams have been ripped…

My first mobile post. Though ostensibly a home improvement project, there is a sticky about this…and am important one that reminds me to give thanks to the unsung. These are the people who do work we depend on yet often take for granted.

I have wound all my bobbins and now cutting begins. I’ve never reupholstered chairs before but I do think I’m a pretty good seamster. We shall see when all is said and done.

My thoughts exactly...

My thoughts exactly…