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I may have finally figured it out…

I am most proud of this video because I think it shows progress.  Being videographer, editor, producer, and director all at once is really hard.  This was shot between 6-7:30A today, October 21st.

I hope you enjoy — the last few moments of this video are worth all the crap you have to sit through before that, in my opinion.

And I met another really cool person.

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No more need to have a “case of the Mondays!”

“This is the only thing I look forward to when I wake up every morning.  It gives my life purpose.  It gives it meaning.  To live a life chasing after the only thing I’m passionate about, what better life is there to live.  This is who I am.” -Daniel “Cloud” Campos

Many of you will recognize Daniel “Cloud” Campos from any number of commercials, including the original Surface Movement commercials and those that would follow after.  I’ve been following him for some time before that and only tonight did I see this short film he made about “today being the day.”

For everyone on the verge of their next Monday, just a reminder that today could be the day.  Make it your day.


You down with APP?

When I was out gathering all this photo/video equipment with Brian, several people inquired as to what I would be using the equipment for, presumably so they could help tailor a solution. I didn’t know so my immediate gut response was “Oh, I’m a producer of Alien porn.”  The joke was fairly well received or at least on par with the majority of my other jokes.

Anyway, I decided to name the “production arm” of Project Sticky Note “Alien Porn Productions” which you’ll see in videos and this week’s video project is going to use all this setup come hell or high water.

And in case you are curious, no it doesn’t stay up like this all the time.  It took me about 30 minutes to setup and will tear down just as easy! :)

Alien Porn Productions (transparent)-01