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Find the Five: My first and only — Lindsay

I’ll start by admitting a fault of mine — I have a terrible memory when it comes to milestone events, the details about my history, etc. when it comes to friends and loved ones.  Some people remember every nuanced detail…the entirety of each possible answer to who, what, when, where, why, and how.  I remember broad strokes and imagery but my emotions about those moments are just as real.

I start with this explanation because I’ve spent about 20 days or so trying to remember how and when Lindsay Read More


10 years ago, this was my life…

Ten years ago, I had my first window office at Expedia.  Lynne was my best friend.  She endured inexplicable pain and rose from it like the phoenix on her shoulder.  Brian was and still is my best friend.  We road the bus together to work.  We’ve had a million arguments that we’ve repaired since then.

I lived with Ross.  I thought he was my soulmate.

Therese had chestnut hair.   Then she appeared in a Dove commercial and became the mother she always aspired to be safeul of the previous marriage. (safeul intentionally spelled as such)

Lily Armani looks as gorgeous then as she does when she was hosting my going away party.

My grandmother, father, and Kathy were alive.  They are no longer.

My brother in law was alive then.  Strangely I miss him more the longer he is gone.

What a difference a decade makes.