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Part 2: Auld Lang Syne

Authors Note:  This post borders on one where I don’t practice what I preach, and I’m aware of that…and working on it.  I’m sharing because of the extensive amount of exploration required and the profundity of conversations involved to get me to this point…many covered in the words of this blog.

I’m also aware this part of my story will require a bit more curated thinking to understand, but it needed to be written tonight.  This is not my most perfect post.

Exploring the many parts of myself…

Those who know me know that Read More


A call to action: Go back to your future and thank your teachers!

In just a few hours, my best friend will be on TV doing his job as a technology reporter for King 5.  Given I’m on vacation today, we ended up going to the place he will shoot the segment — the Living Computer Museum which is funded by Paul Allen.  I didn’t know this place existed and neither of us were sure what we were in for.

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Facebook declares war on emotions with REACTIONS

For those that may not quite understand the need, imagine your friend on Facebook posts about their parent dying — do you “like” that post?   Feels odd to most and many are unable to summon words to portray the compassion they feel, and there simply is no “HBD” equivalent to a tragedy.  HBD when its your birthday can be overlooked among the other messages that express something personal; “sadface” when you’re in anguish seems like another reminder to be sad.  So it’s a catch 22 Read More