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Find the Five: Neil Guiliano – former Mayor, soon to be former CEO of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and general badass!

Author’s Note:  I originally drafted this on August 14, 2015.

PREAMBLE:  I don’t know why but I still think it’s really weird to know someone who was or is a Mayor of a city.  And I know two, including the current Mayor of Seattle, the quite amazing and highly performant Ed Murray.  I’ll digress here for just a minute and reminisce about some very tough conversations I had about voting for Mayor Murray – at the time, I didn’t know much about the candidates but I did know that pretty much anyone who was gay was voting for him because he himself is gay.  That didn’t feel like enough of a reason.  I pushed for more details and they were delivered, and I gladly voted for Mayor Murray who I feel is doing an exceptional job in office.  He and Michael also have exceptional taste in teriyaki establishments! :) Read More