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The third most important thing I may ever write: Perspective is flawed by one thing – our lives

Author’s note:  This is flawed.  I haven’t closed each thread, I don’t even know that I know how to yet.  I know that this was something I’ve been writing for about two years now that exist in drafts in any number of OneNotes.  Tonight was the night it needed to post.

I had an argument with my sister today, based entirely on Read More

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A letter to Nordstrom on behalf of fashionable men…

I do not think people thought me serious when I said I was giving up Nordstrom.  I’ve railed against them quite a bit lately and I think it is well deserved.

I finally figured out my channel in to their corporate office and after a casual email exchange, summarized my feedback as follows.

Nordstrom Feedback

This note is about fashion and something very trivial in the grand scheme of things.  I’m thankful for the life I’ve been given where this is something I have capacity to think about.

I think everyone should have the ability to demand more, this right to stand up , even when in the most dire circumstance – I hope for a day when those of the most need can say to their community, “I want to do more, help me” and the community responds with support.

This is a simple allegory though.  All I have are my words and right now this is what they could do.

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I’ve got a resolution for you…

Author’s Note: I’ve waited a couple of days to make sure I wanted to write this, something that having a blog has taught me to do.  The drafts folder is filled with a combination of sometimes angry rants, sometimes overly ebullient soliloquy, and sometimes truly indecipherable shit. 

It’s that time of year again when Read More

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Facebook declares war on emotions with REACTIONS

For those that may not quite understand the need, imagine your friend on Facebook posts about their parent dying — do you “like” that post?   Feels odd to most and many are unable to summon words to portray the compassion they feel, and there simply is no “HBD” equivalent to a tragedy.  HBD when its your birthday can be overlooked among the other messages that express something personal; “sadface” when you’re in anguish seems like another reminder to be sad.  So it’s a catch 22 Read More