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Armchair quarterbacks-put up or STFU!

Letter to BMW Corporate Leadership regarding performance management
Letter to Executive Vice President of Customer Care of Comcast regarding proactive customer service

I have little interest in people who armchair quarterback the state of our lives and the ways we interact with each other.

If you see something, say something. Read More

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Part 2: What friends say to each other…

There is a parlance, vernacular, code shared among friends.

Some think of this as sideways glances and inaudible gestures presumably decipherable only by the people involved.  I’m not talking about that.  It doesn’t take much skill Read More

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Blanca has an all access pass…

Tomorrow is Blanca day, and I’m so excited.  This woman loves me, I love her, and she really does keep my life running smoothly.
We’ve had a bit of a challenge over organizing my closet and clothing, specifically around any sort of t-shirt or top.  She’s organized them repeatedly by color, which is awesome assuming you don’t have a multitude of moo-moos and event shirts as I do.
I spent some time categorizing all these shirts tonight and labeling them with notes (at her request) in Spanish.
I’ve organized my shirts as follows:
  • polo shirts i wear every day – these should be placed in an important place
  • everyday shirts – place these in an important place
  • shirts I got for free from events – i never wear these and I don’t need regular access to them
  • shirts I am too fat to wear right now – should be placed somewhere I see every day
  • shirts I wear when I’m bloated which is most days – these should be placed in a convenient place

Yep, that’s life.