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So There, I Said It #1: Everybody poops!

[Writer’s Notes covering this post and the progress made on my vacation can be found here.  The embedded Facebook post above inspired this post.]

My original draft of the above post made it sound like my day was nothing more than just “eating outside for fun.”  In reality, I came home to my housekeeper’s substitutes (while she staycations, like me) and being in the house at the same time makes me uncomfortable. Read More

Simple things that remind us of big things

VOR and the power of connection! (aka how Howard Schultz murdered my family!) (just kidding)

Starbucks had this drink for a hot moment this summer.  While technically it would be referred to as the Starbucks Valencia Orange Refresher Shaken Beverage by Starbucks standards, the reality is it was called “Tang” by those that really didn’t get it and to those of us that did…it was VOR! Read More

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Criticism, networks, and a reminder to give thanks

I was hired at Microsoft to be the business analyst for the small and medium search sales and service organization in 2007 by Jennifer.  I didn’t know what the hell I was doing or how I made it through the interview.  At some point I remember saying something like “global scale and local relevance” which seemed to come from nowhere but it turned out to be a pretty cogent strategy and appealed to Jenn.  I cut my teeth every single day in the job learning to Read More