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Sing me a rainbow, paint me a dream…

Sing me a rainbow, paint me a dream…
Show me a world that I’ve never seen.
Whisper a sunset, and when you do…
I think you’ll know how I feel,
I think you’ll know how I feel,
I think you’ll know how I feel when I’m with you.

This is the lullaby my father sang to me Read More

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We are talking about all the wrong things…

Author’s Note:  I posted this as a private (neh, for friends on Facebook) post earlier today, but I’ve sat on it a bit and I stick by what I say.  I’ve edited slightly to correct for typos.

I took the day off and enjoyed the luxury of Read More

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The third most important thing I may ever write: Perspective is flawed by one thing – our lives

Author’s note:  This is flawed.  I haven’t closed each thread, I don’t even know that I know how to yet.  I know that this was something I’ve been writing for about two years now that exist in drafts in any number of OneNotes.  Tonight was the night it needed to post.

I had an argument with my sister today, based entirely on Read More