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Be careful when you search for “black holes” on the internet

“All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to dust all return.”
-Ecclesiastes 3:20 NIV, canonical

This passage (as well as others from Genesis and the Book of Job) is often paraphrased in the Book of Common Prayer as “ashes to ashes, dust to dust…” Read More

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Part 2: Auld Lang Syne

Authors Note:  This post borders on one where I don’t practice what I preach, and I’m aware of that…and working on it.  I’m sharing because of the extensive amount of exploration required and the profundity of conversations involved to get me to this point…many covered in the words of this blog.

I’m also aware this part of my story will require a bit more curated thinking to understand, but it needed to be written tonight.  This is not my most perfect post.

Exploring the many parts of myself…

Those who know me know that Read More

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They Said It Better: Infinities

I try to be thoughtful as I consume various media (TV, books, movies…if I can stay awake through one, magazines…whatever), I try to take note of those I find particularly meaningful or poignant to me.  So I’m introducing a new section which I’ll call “They Said It Better” and will feature cited quotes I think explain, define, describe, or clarify some of the many topics that will unfold in the time to come.

So here’s our first one, covering the nature of infinity from the book (and movie) The Fault In Our Stars (Book by John Green).  The minute I heard this said in the movie, I was gob smacked.  Rereading it today, equally so.

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