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Science & Faith // versus // Science vs. Religion

I think every person can probably place themselves on some type of Kinsey-esque scale on which one side would be those who saw themselves as “VERY RELIGIOUS” and on the other side would be those that were “VERY SCIENTIFIC.”   It is arguably this assumed separation between the two that has kept people Read More

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The Grand Unifying Theory of Everything – prologue of the second most important thing I’ll ever write

Brace yourself.  Shit is about to get real.

This is me, right before posting this blog.

This is me, right before posting this blog.

My name is Jason Paul Krech, I am of sound mind and body.  I’m almost completely sober having just sat down to finalize this blog post and have poured myself a Rye on the rocks Read More

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Find the Five: My first and only — Lindsay

I’ll start by admitting a fault of mine — I have a terrible memory when it comes to milestone events, the details about my history, etc. when it comes to friends and loved ones.  Some people remember every nuanced detail…the entirety of each possible answer to who, what, when, where, why, and how.  I remember broad strokes and imagery but my emotions about those moments are just as real.

I start with this explanation because I’ve spent about 20 days or so trying to remember how and when Lindsay Read More

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They Said It Better: Infinities

I try to be thoughtful as I consume various media (TV, books, movies…if I can stay awake through one, magazines…whatever), I try to take note of those I find particularly meaningful or poignant to me.  So I’m introducing a new section which I’ll call “They Said It Better” and will feature cited quotes I think explain, define, describe, or clarify some of the many topics that will unfold in the time to come.

So here’s our first one, covering the nature of infinity from the book (and movie) The Fault In Our Stars (Book by John Green).  The minute I heard this said in the movie, I was gob smacked.  Rereading it today, equally so.

Quote Fault in Our Stars Infinity