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I’ve got a resolution for you…

Author’s Note: I’ve waited a couple of days to make sure I wanted to write this, something that having a blog has taught me to do.  The drafts folder is filled with a combination of sometimes angry rants, sometimes overly ebullient soliloquy, and sometimes truly indecipherable shit. 

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Part 1: Auld Lang Syne

[This post is dedicated to Daryl Krech (90, 5/25/2009), Sandy Parker (55, 12/6/2012), Rjay Price Spoon (30, 12/16/2012), Kathleen Krech (68, 1/18/2013), Paul Samuel Krech (70, 4/23/2015)…fathers, mothers, friends and dearly departed.]

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Fight cancer!

My friend Ian’s father died recently of lung cancer at a very young age. This video was shot after the memorial service. My friend came over later than evening to talk and he challenged me to see how long I could make a 20 second clip of video I shot last. Here’s my answer. We had the drone out so that we could shoot pictures of the sunset on the day of the memorial, just as I had done the day his father passed.

If you have not yet made charitable donations this year, I encourage you to check out the American Cancer Society ( and give in honor of Jim Gordon.