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A shared timeline: me and Microsoft

When I say I work in Microsoft Building 1 — I work in Microsoft Building 1. The first ever building on what is now the primary campus. I marked up this photo from 1985 (I was 6) showing the two offices I’ve had in this building.
My first office looked out over Lake Bill, named after Bill Gates.
My second looks out towards the “Executive Briefing Center” which sits between our building and the building the houses the CEO.
I spent my day at the EBC with a huge company everyone knows discussing future business.
 Interesting to see it through those eyes and to stop and reflect on your ability to make an impact.  When I was 6, my future offices were being built.
Microsoft has released some stories about the build out of what is my “campus” and there is another forthcoming I believe.
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What do you mean…

Thanksgiving is a reminder to celebrate the many reasons we all have to be thankful.  My nephew and nieces represent pure happiness to me and I love when we can be silly together….or when we can car dance and one-up Justin Bieber.

Footnote:  There was an errant 4 seconds of a Taylor Swift song caught in this video and within 10 seconds of posting it, I had a copyright infringement notice.  This is a re-post due to that issue.  Ugh!

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I love pictures of kids…(car game #onfleek)

I begrudge no parent any posts made about their children including the ones with photos. Facebook, me, and everyone else love to see the awesomeness.

The pictures of their lacerated faces when they’ve fallen and cut themselves — endearing.  The pictures of them puckering their face when you feed them a lemon slice — touching.  The pictures of them sleeping soundly after keeping you up all night — relaxing.

These often grainy, low resolution pictures untouched by the cropping tool or any post production represent the realness of life and it’s a great thing.  When they include you, our actual friends, these selfies without the stick remind us that you, our friend, are doing well.

So here are some absolutely brilliant photos s of my car taken by my nieces really talented boyfriend Andrew.  I spent time with him and my nieces today and these are the first few photos of my baby, taken thoughtfully, not retouched, and gorgeous.

Eat your heart out. :)

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