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Bobbins have been wound, seams have been ripped…

My first mobile post. Though ostensibly a home improvement project, there is a sticky about this…and am important one that reminds me to give thanks to the unsung. These are the people who do work we depend on yet often take for granted.

I have wound all my bobbins and now cutting begins. I’ve never reupholstered chairs before but I do think I’m a pretty good seamster. We shall see when all is said and done.

My thoughts exactly...

My thoughts exactly…

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Criticism, networks, and a reminder to give thanks

I was hired at Microsoft to be the business analyst for the small and medium search sales and service organization in 2007 by Jennifer.  I didn’t know what the hell I was doing or how I made it through the interview.  At some point I remember saying something like “global scale and local relevance” which seemed to come from nowhere but it turned out to be a pretty cogent strategy and appealed to Jenn.  I cut my teeth every single day in the job learning to Read More