Six months a go on or about Carolyn’s birthday, I wrote this on her Facebook wall.


Almost as a foreshadowing to what I just wrote about the other day about not confining love, my goal with this message was to show Carolyn an unexpected moment of kindness and love when she might not otherwise expect it.

Carolyn is the type that does that for others…

Six months ago I had no plans to travel to New York this past weekend, hadn’t coordinated with Carolyn until about 48 hours prior to arrival to have breakfast, and didn’t remember that I had put on my calendar a reminder to do exactly what I said I would do above — send her a note on her half birthday.


I am gob smacked.  In the best possible way.  I was woken up from sleep from my ten devices letting me know at midnight that I had put this on my calendar.

So Carolyn, happy half birthday.  Thank you for your authenticity and the way you balance the many facets of yourself.

Thank you for starving judgment of its power and allowing those around you to grow and find their way forward.

Thank you for being an inspiration, a friend, and someone who after so many years I can just sit down and have a chat with.  Thank you for continuing to see in me the things I hope to one day trust about myself.

Happy half birthday!


Posted by Jason Krech

Faith, accountability, and dismissing any notion of being flawless are benchmarks of cool people. (Opinions are my own and represent no organization, corporation, or other entity I may be affiliated with.)

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