Have you ever met someone who represented the best qualities you wished you could exemplify?

Someone who…even on her worst day shows compassion to others.

Someone who…never plays a game with you, is vulnerable, thoughtful, wicked smart, while still one of the most fun people I know to be around who could also teach an entire fleet of sailors how to use the most colorful parts of language?

Someone who…doesn’t have a movie star budget yet I have never seen her repeat an outfit and is always dressed wonderfully no matter the environment.

My favorite part of this video of us was 1) that we decided to keep our messed up clip over the other ones, 2) how at about minute one I could tell she was gonna screw up and 3) that we clearly have the same rhythm.  Both of us move almost rhythmically to each other’s speaking.

I thought I’d hate such a person – a person who seems to be all the things I want but does so any of the cynicism or bitchiness that can sometimes be my hallmark.

I’d like you to meet Lauren Husum, who is quite literally fiercely charming.

As she walked out of my office today as we met to talk about our next call we are hosting (the video from the last on here), I thought about just how special she is.

This call is actually enigmatic of everything that is great about her.  We both operated somewhat similar platforms, and rather do what might be expected in a corporate environment, debating over who should “own,” we just collaborated.  We saved time for everyone in the process, produced something better than the sum of its parts,  and have a fun time doing it.

Beyond that, Lauren makes it easy to be what we all are…imperfect.  She is caring, she has a great point of view, and she is vulnerable and trusting.

She sees with great perspective what most don’t learn for a long time…that in life, so much that we do is silly, so much can be ugly…and so it’s best to laugh, love, help, and create some beauty in all that messiness.

She is light – though the first person she rams in to in her new birthday BMW may not feel the same way.

(LBoogs, this is me “remembering your birthday, I got teary eyed writing it.)

These photos made me tear up tonight for all the right reasons.

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Posted by Jason Krech

Faith, accountability, and dismissing any notion of being flawless are benchmarks of cool people. (Opinions are my own and represent no organization, corporation, or other entity I may be affiliated with.)

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