The intensity of my new job definitely started to become real this past week. It’s interesting how many people you start to hear from once they realize that they need you for something. It has been a challenge to handle all of the volume while at the same time trying to create a strategy that will define the future as well as bring a new team on board.

There have been a couple of notable occurrences:

  • After several failed attempts I finally finished watching the new Star Wars. The movie was good entertaining much better than the interstitial trilogy that came before it. That said I am actually most intrigued by the behind the scenes footage that is shown in the Amazon version of the movie where they talk about all of the altruistic things the production staff pursued.
  • I saw a former manager of mine who is now the oustered CEO of Priceline and have his employment terminated due to inappropriate workplace conduct. He is in my opinion a very high quality individual so the news is quite shocking and frankly very upsetting. Criticism, networks, and a reminder to give thanks is one post where I mention him.
  • I spent more time with my new personal friend who has long been a work colleague and have met a new set of interesting fun crazy people who are enriching my life in new and different ways.
  • I learned to love an Apple device for first time.
  • I had to deliver disappointing news to friends about something I’m personally passionate about but couldn’t make happen.

I also pooped a lot. It has been a busy week.

Posted by Jason Krech

Faith, accountability, and dismissing any notion of being flawless are benchmarks of cool people. (Opinions are my own and represent no organization, corporation, or other entity I may be affiliated with.)

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