Ms. Swift, Ms. Gomez, Mr. Haggerty, HRH Beyoncé, Mr. Bieber,

I want to thank you for writing the soundtrack of my life. I am a man of many words. It’s rare I struggle to communicate.

Your music can be heard blaring from the windows of my car or my Alexa almost every moment of every day.

The last moment’s I spent with my father prior to his passing included Ms. Swift’s recent album, I subscribed to Tidal just to addictively listen to Formation, I was one of 500 people at Macklemore’s show when his album dropped and I bought it three times (digital, hardcopy, special edition hard copy).

For each of your tours, I have paid between $300-900 per ticket and have cheered or will cheer for you from the front rows of each performance. I cheered for Justin’s comeback and was there when his show opened, as I will be for Selena and Beyoncé. I spent the evening of a lifetime with my niece and Taylor Swift.

I believe in supporting artists and I believe each of you are true artists.

I’ve never bootlegged your music or skirted payment. Hell, I even pay for porn though I’m told that’s practically unheard of.

Often, I make YouTube videos which incorporate your music…again, as the soundtrack of my life.

In each case, I’ve never claimed any monetization rights, gladly forgoing it and allowing your record management companies to place ads on my videos.

The videos I create are not meant to make me famous, nor do I think anyone will confuse me for you (except Macklemore…that has become part of my life), and I have no desire to see your revenue decline because of my far-less-well known efforts at documenting my own story.

I simply want to include your music in the context of explaining my own life. That’s all.

I very much understand your desire to protect the work you have created. I also want you to continue to add to your great wealth via the revenue you accumulate via nearly every available channel.

All I want is to use your work as the inspiring, motivating, energizing, emotive backdrop it has served during my lifetime, with no interest in making money off of that.

Please consider how you structure your copyright restrictions and let your music be what it was intended to be before you decided money was more important.  Allow those that love your music utilize it to spur their own creativity.

My net worth pales in comparison to yours and I’m not asking for any money through use of your work.  Have the money.

I just want a chance to use it in the context of telling my story, something your copyright restrictions do not allow.




Posted by Jason Krech

Faith, accountability, and dismissing any notion of being flawless are benchmarks of cool people. (Opinions are my own and represent no organization, corporation, or other entity I may be affiliated with.)

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