The first moments of this concert were inherently amazing.  The stage was jaw dropping, with multiple levels, a sloped “ramp” that spanned the width of the stage.

Then Justin emerged in a glass box – hovering above our heads, writing on the walls of the glass box.  He disappeared again and the visual effects on the massive light walls filled the room again…it was the start of an elaborate shell game.

There was a moment of magic during “Where Are You Now?”  Perhaps the last.

“You came to see Justin, but look at these bright lights over here…you won’t even notice he’s not singing or actually really moving all that much.” said the snake oil salesmen.

I had flashbacks to Britney’s Circus tour where she literally walked around in a circle for two hours while lip syncing for her life.

Don’t get me wrong, Justin can make the sloppiest and most energy-lacking dance moves look good.  You almost are convinced this is a performance…you probably were if you were in the nose-bleeds. I was 12 feet away.

Suddenly a giant trampoline descends from god knows where right over my fucking head and there are people on it.  Jumping.  It’s shaking.  More jumping.  Justin runs up a ramp then passes out in the middle of it.


All I could think of was when that giant helicopter thing was swinging over my niece and my head at the Taylor Swift concert.

“Natalie, if that thing starts to come down, you run that way.”

It’s impossible to think he hit a single note he allegedly sang while doing a backflip on a levitating trampoline, but shit, maybe…

I’ve been remiss not mentioning his hair.  Started with a man bun and then became a man mess.  I would risk prison given another opportunity just to rush the security and take a brush to it.

I think his hair actually performed more than he did.  I can’t be sure.

When he did sing, it was really good, the Justin I’ve been hoping and rooting for, the Justin that seems to be authentically struggling through some things.

Then there was that moment where he wore a muscle shirt that proclaimed Bieber more powerful than Satan.  I guess we’re all about “fuck the illuminati” or just embrace it.  It’s hard to tell and I don’t care but my general point of view is don’t wear a shirt that says SATAN on it.

I practically fell sleep during “What Do You Mean?” which is a song my family performed more enthusiastically.

Justin’s Version:


My Family’s version of “What Do You Mean?” – who knew my comments would predict the future! :)

We got Teddy Ruxpin.  We got someone who on the opening night of his tour decided to phone it in.

I was really rooting for him, still love his music, but damn, what a fucking disappointment.

I’ll post pictures and videos in a few moments.


Posted by Jason Krech

Faith, accountability, and dismissing any notion of being flawless are benchmarks of cool people. (Opinions are my own and represent no organization, corporation, or other entity I may be affiliated with.)

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