I would never want you to believe that when I have referred to or mentioned taking “classes” in photography or videography  that what I meant was sitting in some accredited vocational facility learning the mechanics of these crafts.  I know several people who’s livelihood is intertwined with this industry, my uncle being one of them and I’ve long respected the interesting way he has at looking at the world.  I am more of a casual observer and admirer with a very strong sense of my creative limitations.

Anyway, I’m taking some online classes and following some study guides — that’s about it — but I’m holding myself accountable to assignments and this week’s was very interesting…especially in light of some topics I’ve been exploring.

This week, we were to explore angles and different points of view.  There’s a very pragmatic need to do this if you are working in the industry — having a different perspective often differentiates you in an otherwise saturated market of artists who all want to do what they are passionate about.  It reminded me first of the janitor for my building.

For me, this was a true pisser.  #1, I didn’t want to corral friends in to helping with something like this because I had no plan for it nor did I want to have plans this past week given it was staycation, and #2, I knew this was EXACTLY the type of project that former teachers and professors of mine will recognize is my silver bullet — seemingly simple, easy to do if you just want to be part of the 70%, but landed on my desk it becomes something much more — Mr. Holland’s Opus, if you will.

I spent three days on this.  Days.  Video capture then production is a biotch.  But I learned a ton and it will help me do better in the future and I hope to contribute to those in my life by actively making sure we are archiving the important parts of our life they way we should for future generations.  I now have a lav mic and a green screen.  That’s just weird.  I have lots of ideas for the green screen………………………….

When I started this video it was meant to be a lighthearted reflection on an episode of Sex and the City called “they shoot single people, don’t they?”  Instead, it’s become a silly, frustrating, imperfect, somewhat revealing start of my story.  I’ve almost choked from laughter about 10 times today watching different parts of it come together, but ugly, beautiful, stupid or whatever else it might be, it’s unvarnished Jason not having a fucking clue how to accomplish the task he was given and trying desperately to make something work.

I love it.  It is so perfectly me.

(P.S.  I seemed to clear the copyright hurdles with Google while writing this post, but in case it doesn’t have sound, you can see the same video here:  https://projectstickynote.com/?attachment_id=430)

Posted by Jason Krech

Faith, accountability, and dismissing any notion of being flawless are benchmarks of cool people. (Opinions are my own and represent no organization, corporation, or other entity I may be affiliated with.)

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