With regard to the Maids & Poop post:

There is no editorial calendar for Project Sticky Note and if there were, I can assure you this post wouldn’t have appeared there.  Perhaps some day in the future I will realize maybe it shouldn’t have posted.  I don’t know yet.

But to me — and this is important — having a thought and not sharing it when sharing could do no real harm is not the right approach to take just because you don’t have the answer yet.  Similarly, withholding information as often takes place in corporate culture is also not right.  The answer everyone needs may come from a place you don’t expect.  My post about Mark Zuckerberg alludes to this.  When we share, even from a place uncertainty, I think we often find ourselves receiving back more than we intended.

I am trying to pay much more close attention to the signals I do receive though – I call brief momentary inspirations or insights “angels” and my friend Kate believes this to be the higher power reaching down to us to impart some human actionable wisdom.  Whatever the case, there’s a lot to explore there.  The maids&poop post originated from just such a moment though and I felt it important to follow through.

With regards to the vacation I am on:

I had three real objectives for this week:

  1. Get meaningfully started on the God/faith/infinity “thing” and the next click down from theory and start to get clear in my head where I felt I needed to focus to make progress.  I accomplished some of what I intended but far less than I had hoped.  Paradoxically, it almost seems like exactly where I should have ended up despite the progress I wanted to achieve.
  2. Figure out the “structure” and some of the more artistic aspects of it.  I wanted to leave this week with a clear understanding of the 3-5 key “focus areas” and then have some guidelines around the categories and themes that would be covered.  I think I’ve got that.  Beyond that, structurally, we so far have two top-line sections called “So There, I Said It” and “They Said It Better.”  These will start to appear structurally soon within the site.  I also have some serious work to land on a visual identity that I love that also makes sense.  At some point I will select from the 3000 concepts I have (some of which have already appeared on PSN).
  3. Finish reupholstering my two new club chairs.

I think I’ll finish the week up quite proud of some things and not so proud of others.  Par for the course, but hopefully with progress achieved every day.

Posted by Jason Krech

Faith, accountability, and dismissing any notion of being flawless are benchmarks of cool people. (Opinions are my own and represent no organization, corporation, or other entity I may be affiliated with.)

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